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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

El Bulli Restaurant Exhibition in London

In London you can see a very special exhibition related to the famous restaurant El Bulli , which until recently was one of the best restaurants in the world . This is a very interesting option that is offered now in London for food lovers and for those who are curious to know more of what was the restaurant El Bulli .

The intention is to offer visitors some of the most important aspects of what was until recently this restaurant , a visit that will be open until September 29th at Somerset House, being highly recommended for those who have never had the opportunity to eat at this restaurant . Quite an experience to bear in mind when making a trip to London.

Since then the fame of this Spanish restaurant achieved great international level and sure this exhibition in the capital of England will attract many curious in this country and foreign tourists who want to take the opportunity to enjoy this show so interesting to any lover of the food you are visiting London in the coming weeks.

Between now and September 29 can be without a doubt an alternative to learn more about the success of this restaurant where you can learn some details of its success, most famous dishes , history, among many other interesting data to be presented in the henceforth exposure to amaze all visitors .